Green View


We are a private investment company with legal jurisdiction in the island of Nevis (Caribbean Prime Value Group ltd), whose main objective is to develop real estate projects in the Caribbean and Latin America. We primarily seek to promote, develop, build and sell apartments of high quality, design and comfort in Curaçao, without diverting our attention from our other branches.

Your investment in the real estate market in Curaçao

Since 2005 a number of factors have combined that have given a rapid and irreversible impulse to the economy of the island:

-The Construction of major infrastructure projects such as the new terminal at the International Airport.

-The presence of new hotel chains such as Santa Barbara and Renaissance, among others.

-The signing of an agreement with the Netherlands that will result in investment plans for the improvement and strengthening in different areas.

-The sound financial system with its currency pegged to the US dollar at a rate of a stable exchange rate of US $ 1 = Nafl. 1.78.

-The reliable legal system based on Dutch law with its own Court of Justice.

 All this and more have ushered in a new era of prosperity on the island that you can and should be a part of.

The real estate area in particular is one of the most attractive investment alternatives. Not only because of the periodic revaluation of property but also due to the increasing demand for rentals for short, medium and long periods of time. This makes it possible to design a return on your investment based on actual occupancy statistics.

For this and many other reasons, your investment in Curaçao is a sound choice, whether it is for the purpose of simply investing with the guarantee of a high return, or investing in a holiday home or permanent residence.


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