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Green View’s 4 Famous Curaçaoans (Varied Edition)

In this week’s edition of famous Curaçaoans, we take a look at Curaçao’s native sons and daughters who have accomplished a great deal across various fields and who have dedicated themselves tirelessly to their crafts.

Green View presents 4 famous Curaçaoans, varied edition:
Herbert MichaelBob’ Pinedo
Bob Pinedo (1943) is a world-famous oncologist who has revolutionized the field of cancer care in the Netherlands, to which he moved at the age of 16 to study medicine. He founded the Cancer Center Amsterdam and is the most famous oncologist of the Netherlands. He has won a plethora of awards, among which the Spinoza prize, a Dutch prize given to those who have excelled in scientific research in their respective fields, and the David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, one of, if not the, highest honor in the field of oncology.

Lidwina Marciana ‘Dinah’ Veeris
Dinah Veeris (1939) is unequivocally Curaçao’s most recognized herbalist and has done a great deal to preserve the knowledge of elder Curaçaoans with regard to the curative power of many of Curaçao’s plant species. She attended the California School of Herbal Studies and has worked as a teacher on the island. She spent many years interviewing elder Curaçaoan herbalist to collect their knowledge and pass it on to the younger generation. In 1991 she opened her own herbal garden named ‘Den Paradera’, where her vast knowledge was put on display. It continues to attract visitors to this day.

Churandy Martina
Churandy Martina (1984) is the most decorated sprinter to ever come out of the Dutch Caribbean. Among his accomplishments are 10 gold medals and 5 silver medals won at several tournaments, among which the Pan American Games, the European Championships and the CARIFTA Games. He has competed in four Olympic Games, twice for the Netherlands Antilles and twice for the Netherlands and has come narrowly close to winning an Olympic medal on several occasions.

 Izaline Calister
Izaline Calister (1969) has become the musical ambassador of the language Papiamentu throughout the world. She has had a successful international career during which she went on tours in cities around the world and sang in her native Papiamentu. Her first albums, ‘Soño di un muhé’ and ‘Mariposa’, were a mixture of jazz and traditional Curaçaoan musical stylings like seú and tambú. She is the successful leader of a band she formed with professional musicians. According to Calister, it is the most beautiful band she could ever have wished for.

Make sure you ask more about these notable offspring of Curaçao when you’re staying at Green View. *wink*

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