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Green View’s 4 Famous Curaçaoans (Varied Edition Vol. 2)

Today Green View brings you yet another list of Curaçaoans who have accomplished a great deal in their respective fields both on the island and internationally.

So without further ado, Green View presents: 4 famous Curaçaoans, varied edition vol.2:

Mariekson Julius ‘Didi’ Gregorius
Didi Gregorius (1990) is a professional baseball player who currently plays the position of shortstop for the New York Yankees, a position which he filled following the retirement of the legendary New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. And he has been doing quite well in that position; this past September he broke the all-time record for most homeruns in a season by a Yankee shortstop.

Jetro Willems
Jetro Willems (1994) is a professional soccer player who has played for the Dutch Eredivisie team PSV and currently plays at left-back for the German Bundesliga team Eintracht Frankfurt. He represented the Netherlands at the UEFA European Championships of 2012 and in doing so became the youngest player ever to compete in the tournament at 18 years of age.

Wim Statius Muller
Wim Statius Muller (1930) is a classical pianist and composer who has done a great deal to preserve the classical music of Curaçao. Born in Otrobanda, he started taking piano lessons at a very young age and was greatly influenced by the works of the world-famous Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. Funny enough, although he is a graduate of the Juliard School of Music in New York, his musical career did not begin until he was 65, when he retired from his 35-year career in the field of Dutch counterintelligence and diplomacy.

Tania Kross
Tania Kross (1976) is a mezzo soprano opera singer who has become a prominent voice in the world of classical music in the Netherlands. In 2013 she produced the opera “Katibu di Shon (The Master’s Slave)”, which was the first Papiamentu-language opera ever to be made. It premiered in Amsterdam. She has also made tireless efforts to familiarize more and more audiences with classical music in the Netherlands and this has earned her a membership in the country’s prestigious Academy of Arts.

So there you have it, more conversation pieces for when you’re visiting the beautiful sites of Curaçao or talking to the staff at Green View or Blue Bay. *wink*

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