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Green View’s 4 Famous Curaçaoans (Arts and Culture Edition)

Two months ago the topic of notable Curaçaoans in baseball and history was covered. Today we feature the topic of famous Curaçaoans in the field of arts and culture. This will feature two musicians and two authors who have accomplished great feats.

So without further ado…

Green View presents 4 famous Curaçaoans in arts and culture:
Tip Marugg
Silvio Alberto ‘Tip’ Marugg (16 December 1923, Curaçao – 22 April 2006, Curaçao) was an author and poet famed for his 1988 novel “De morgen loeit weer aan (The morning comes again) “, for which he won the Dutch AKO-Literature prize and the Cola Debrot prize. His writing style was characterized as a variation on magic realism in which the life of an individual on his native island played a central role.

Chin Behilia
Oswin ‘Chin’ Behilia (15 December 1938) is well-known both in Curaçao and abroad as a delightfully soulful singer with reassuringly rich baritone voice. He wrote the classic gem “Plegaria”, which has become a folk national anthem in Curaçao. He is also a conscientious singer-songwriter who has provided vivid catalogs of the every day lives of Curaçaoans from many walks of life throughout his career.

Julián B. Coco
Julián Basílico Coco (9 January 1924, Curaçao – 4 February 2013) was a professional bassist and guitarist who was the first Curaçaoan to graduate from a Dutch conservatory. He led a storied career in which he played with many colossal names in the world of music such as Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Byrd, Yehudi Menuhin and Andrés Segovia. At one point he also played for the queen of the Netherlands.

Frank Martinus Arion
Born Frank Efraim Martinus (17 December 1936 – 28 September 2015), Frank Martinus Arion was a novelist, essayist, poet and language advocate of Papiamentu. He is best known for his works “De Laatste Vrijheid (The Last Freedom)” and “Dubbelspel (Double Play)”. The latter, released in 1973, is the crowning achievement of his writing career as it is widely considered his magnum opus and a classic in postwar Dutch literature. It was adapted into an English-language feature film in 2017 named “Double Play”, directed by American director Ernest R. Dickerson.

So there you have it, four famous Curaçaoans in arts and culture. Be sure to keep this information in the back of your mind so you can impress the staff when you go dine at Azzuro Beachbar & Restaurant. *wink*

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